Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting an early start..

Thanks to the HUGE flakes that fell last night, we were up early this morning to shovel snow.

6:30 am the moon going strong.

The boys getting started

Dallas was hoping for a white Chritmas
 It took a couple of hours to get all of the jobs done, but thanks to Dallas's best friend helping, I didn't have to shovel this morning. Thanks E.
Around the house, chores have become...lets just say....nonexistant.
As a way of getting everyone to pitch in and help with the house work, we started a chore list. Each person gets to pick a room the night before that they are responsible for. I got my bedroom. It was in dire need of help. With James working graveyard and me with the boys all day, it hadn't had a good cleaning in a while. So, I dug in and knocked it out when he got up this afternoon. I would post a before picture, but I am too embarrassed to show anyone so I will post the after picture for you. 

Yes, I know the curtains are ugly as sin.  They came with the house and are excellent at keeping the light out. My motto is if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The curtains stayed. While I was in my cleaning mode, I even tackled the master bath while I was at it. Go me!

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  1. I like the curtains... your bedroom is beautiful. I've been in a huge cleaning mood lately too and going through the entire house!

    Hope you had a great Christmas!