Monday, December 13, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho and Fa La La....

My Christmas shopping is DONE!

I can hardly believe it. Two days shopping in Boise with my mom and I am done. Dallas is done with his, Liam is done with his and James gets to finish his on Thursday.  
The boys have been trying to catch up on school that got put on hold for other things. Chemistry is moving right along and while we have had our stops and starts in it, Dallas just seems to soldier on.  Liam is slogging through Algebra 1. He is having a harder time with the concepts, but he is asking for help when needed and doing well. Language arts and literature are going well, right now we are focusing on grammar and punctuation.  Not a strong suit of mine, but we are managing.  Sometimes Life just feels like this:
"Relativity" by MC Escher

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