Friday, June 10, 2011


Yes, that is right. Thank goodness it is Thursday. You see, every Thursday my husband tutors High School home school kids in the art of Math. Yes...Math. We have 5 kids right now learning Algebra 1. Last fall we hosted a Geometry class and this fall we will be doing Algebra 2 for the older kids. I say we, I really mean my rocking husband and his superior mind. I hate math and I am pretty sure it hates me.  So "we" have the kids over and when class is done they get to play on the Wii, play flag football in the front yard or whatever until the dinner I make for the masses is done. I thoroughly enjoy having the kids here, it is great to hear the laughter and the conversation of the next generation. I never in a million years would have thought that my house was the place to meet for kids. I really enjoy having them here though. 

James doing his best Belushi impersonation.


Going for the long pass.
 Things have been going at a pretty good clip this summer. Once everyone got well (knock on wood) and things got back on track. I got a summer job. Dallas also has a summer job and Liam is getting interested in the lawn care business that Dallas runs. James is still going full speed. He just never stops. Work, School (he's working on his Bachelors degree), tutoring kids in math and still finding time for me and the kids. Talk about a multi-tasker.
In May we had the first BBQ get together with our friends. We had roughly 50 people here most of which were kids. James took the older ones golfing and the moms and younger ones got to stay and play here. We all had a blast and I would do it again in a heartbeat. There is nothing better in this life than good friends, good food and good fellowship.
Volleyball net set up for party in May.

Liam going for the return

Liam and a friend walking to the next hole on the Golf course.

Message left to us by one of the families that came to the BBQ in May.

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