Thursday, September 1, 2011

School is back in session!

Life in the Taylor household is back up an running for another school year. Yuck!Yea!
 The boys are looking forward to another year of Co-Op with equal parts joy and apprehension. This year, I think, might be Dallas's last year in school, and Liam is a 9th grader this year. Neither are looking forward to their upcoming subjects. Liam is dreading Government and 20th Century History

and British Literature classes based on the reading alone. He is looking forward to his science class though.
 We are working on writing and composition and Algebra 1 at home and will be taking Farsi as a family for the Language classes.

Dallas is playing Flag Football again for the CHAMP Falcons. He too will be taking 20th Century History, Government, Physical Science and Farsi, but he is also taking Algebra 2 and Biology 2 (Anatomy) at home. He has a full year ahead. He is the one that wanted to graduate early though.
Wish us luck.

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