Sunday, December 25, 2011

End of Year....

The year is coming to an end and all I can think is: Where did it go? I noticed that every year that I age, the year seems to fly by faster. Somehow that doesn't seem very fair. Shouldn't it slow down a little so that I can savor this time with the kids more? Shouldn't there be a rule somewhere.  I am getting ready to send my oldest son out into the world. I am praying that his father and I have given him a good enough foundation that he'll flourish. My youngest son is looking forward with a combination of anticipation and dread at the thought of being the only kid home. No one to share the chores with....

Grandpa Melvin is doing great. He's been keeping busy building things and doing things with his church and friends. At 87, he is more active than a lot of teenagers now days. Up before dawn, and hardly slows down till bed. 

The kids lately have gotten hooked on "The Big Bang Theory". The humor in the show is so great. It makes me look forward to teaching Physics to Liam when the time comes. 

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

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  1. Great Blog as usual Brandy!
    I know too well your fear of sending your children out into the world.... and trust me it never gets better.. it's just different. It's so difficult to remember when they become adults that they are allowed to make their own choices and their own mistakes. In many cases our mistakes end up shaping us more than anything when we learn from them and they too should be given that opportunity. My oldest is 21 and I still want to run and comfort sometimes and then there are the times I want to shake him to reality when I think needed but I remind myself to stop and allow him those opportunities and know that we raised him the best we know how... you'll feel the same.