Saturday, August 28, 2010

Taking care of family, Mairzy Doats and memories.

It's been awhile since I have posted. Some days it just feels like my life goes by as Blah, Blah, Blah. Since the last posting, I have spent the day with Gpa taking him to doctors and run his household errands. He is better than ever and what hasn't gotten better, hasn't gotten worse so all is good in the world. The boys went with me this time and Dallas got to drive when Gpa wasn't in the car. We had an afternoon appointment with our hair dresser and the kids got all spiffed up for Co-Op that starts in a few weeks. Yes my boys go to a hair dresser. They go to the Barber in the summer and get sheared and during the school year we go to a salon and get styled. You know, impressions on girls and all I guess are important at their age.
The kids classes are going great and they are doing well with the schedule that I set up for them. I should have done this years ago just like my husband had been telling me to.  I, yes me, married a military man, he is all schedules and I am a bi-polar who never met a schedule she liked. 14 years of marriage and he finally starts rubbing off on me. I would tell him that he had a good idea, but he naturally assumes that he is right most times and I would hate to feed his ego any more. (just kidding honey!)
Liam has started reading his science book and is so excited to be learning about Galileo, and Newton and about early scientists. He is looking forward to doing his first lab experiments. Both boys are looking forward to seeing their friends in a few weeks.
Dallas turns 16 in a week......I feel old.
I still remember when the only thing that would calm him was me singing this song, sung over and over:

My mom taught me this song, her mom taught her and I am passing on to my kids. Family tradition....

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  1. Hi Brandy~ That is the cutest song...I've never heard it before. I had to google the lyrics. :)
    They just grow up too fast don't they? My boys are soon to be 5 and 14...and just yesterday they were babies. Bittersweet.