Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thank goodness for weekends. No school work, no errands and I get to do what I love the most... Be a hermit. If it was up to me, I would never leave the house. I don't especially like most people and see no reason to be out with them.  I have my friends and acquaintances, I have my places I like to go, I just don't normally care for the people I come across on the way to these places. Once I get there, I am fine.  I am not known for my patience or my tact.  I am however known for being brutally honest, and a bit of a hot head.  So, being a hermit is my way of being polite to the general public on most days. I have never used being Bi-Polar as an excuse for my behavior, but I know better than to meet the general public on certain days. Certain days, I am not fit for the public forum.
I have been struggling lately with lack of energy and emotion. Lately, I just don't have an opinion nor do I care what is going on around me. As long as it doesn't affect me personally, I don't care. Apathy at its' best.
So, I sit here in my pajamas, writing down my thoughts and trying to work up the energy to do something else. I don't really care whether or not I do something else, I just know that I should. And going through the motions is half the battle.

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