Monday, November 22, 2010

Couponing at it's best.

As of late, I have been trying to save money grocery shopping by doing the dreaded "couponing". I find that it is relaxing, and fun. This week we had some really good deals around here and I managed to buy all of this:

for only $15.25. 
That's 4lbs. of sausage, 2 dozen eggs, 2 packages of Rhodes Rolls, 1 Box of Turkey bags, 4 boxes of Mrs. Cubbison's Dressing, and 5 bottles each of Edge shave gel and Skintimate shave gel. This should have cost me $60.73. That is a savings of 75% on things I would use anyway. I take the kids with me and they are learning how to do this as well. I have spent less this month on groceries than normal and have 3x the amount in my pantry. I was able to buy 1/2 a beef with the money I saved. Next month, I won't have to buy any groceries other than bread, milk and fresh veggies if necessary. More money for Christmas. Yea!
James has been a huge help with me through this, he is patient and is even going with me sometimes. 
Dallas and I hit the local Albertsons and managed to find some really good deals there too.  
4 boxes of Barilla Pasta, 3 packages of Chinet convenience cups, 3 pkgs. of Idahoan potatoes, 1 can of Planter's mixed nuts, 1 Rhodes cinnamon rolls and 1 Chex mix all for the grand total  of $10.26. Normally this is $25.35 this is a 60% difference.  And the kids get treats. 

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