Monday, November 15, 2010

Up till now...

I apologize to those of you that actually read this post. I have been absent in my duties. I just haven't felt like sharing. I haven't felt like much of anything. I have been going through the motions and it has been like trying to swim through molasses. My B-P is acting up and I came down from a pretty spectacular high and haven't dug myself out yet. Part of that is actually wanting to be dug out. It hasn't helped that I have been fighting a "bug" for the last week. I am hoping that by Christmas, this mood shift will have gone the way of the dinosaurs. On another note.........
Co-Op has been going well and all the kids are enjoying spending time with friends. James is going to teach Criminal Justice to the High School kids next semester, as well as finish teaching the Geometry class. I will be teaching the K-2 the joys of books and art and working in the nursery. Dallas is in two plays this year. Actually it is a drama class on Shakespeare and they are doing a scene each out of Macbeth and Merchant of Venice for open house. Liam has been in seventh heaven with his Nature Journal class. He gets to draw, color and catch weird bugs to draw. He is learning about scientists and naturalists and is having a blast creating his own journal.
I will post again when I have time or inclination too.

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