Thursday, March 10, 2011

So far this year has been good to us. James and I celebrated 15 years together, our youngest turned 14, our middle child got his drivers license, and our oldest "child" is working in a job field she truly enjoys. We are once again participating in the local home schooling co-operative. James is teaching Criminal Justice and is teaching Geometry at our house in the evenings once a week for 3 hours. He is also working and going to college full time. He is a busy, busy man.  I am teaching the K-2nd graders the joys of books and doing crafts with them each week. I still look in on grandpa, taking him to doctor's appointments and errands.  Between that and keeping my kids on task with their schooling, I manage.  As is normal for this time of year I feel terrible, the depression is heavy and functioning is a chore.  Hopefully the fog lifts soon and I will be able to do more. 
Both Liam and James have had their birthdays. For his birthday, Liam got to go to his first sleep away camp with his best friend Trent for 3 days. While he was away, we moved his bedroom downstairs to a larger space and made it look like a dragon's den with cool paint and black curtains. When he got home he was gobsmacked. He loves his "Cave".  James celebrated his b-day at the co-op. I got him a cake and took it to co-op, the moms and kids sung "Happy Birthday" to him, the kids even made him a homemade card and they all signed it. He was so surprised and had a wonderful day.

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