Saturday, April 9, 2011

Off and running on a Saturday morning.

We have got a busy day today. We head to Gpa's this morning to run errands and do yard work, then off to volunteer at a produce distribution center, and finally Home Depot. Spring has sprung and I am finally getting my feet under me. I think my spring depression session is finally wrapping its' self up. Whahoooooo!
The produce distribution center we are volunteering at is called Bountiful Baskets and for $15  you get a laundry basket  filled with equal parts fruits and vegetables. Last week this is what you got for $15:  

If you volunteer, you get one more piece of extra produce. It was awesome and so good.  The boys are going to help volunteer this week and they are looking forward to it.
We have been working around the house getting ready for summer to be upon us.  I have already shampooed all of the carpets in the house. The boys have done the first mowing of the yard and now it is time to work on getting some plants in the ground. Now that it is warming up a little. I think I will put in a small garden this year. I have been thinking that a small raised bed would be perfect for us. 4' x 4' is just about right for salsa ingredients and my herbs.  I haven't canned in years and I doubt I will do so this year so I don't need to plant much.
I have been YouTube-ing again and found some real gems. For your viewing pleasure.......

This may be in Finnish but it is absolutely beautiful....

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