Wednesday, April 6, 2011

At a loss on Tuesdays....

Our co-op finally wrapped up on the 29th of March. The kids had a great time at open house and did wonderfully in their stage presentations.  Now, I just have to keep on the boys to finish their school year.  Dallas has started taking shooting lessons with a friend of the family and is having a blast learning about the different types of guns and the rules and regulations for competitive shooting competitions. Liam is doing a typical 14 year old thing and hiding in his room as much as possible. Summer is coming and his world is going to change with the addition of a summer job. 
I have been getting ready for the next school year and gathering all the information I can on the different classes each wants to take. Dallas is heading for a military career and is looking at being a medic.  Liam wants to be an auto designer/engineer. He just really likes to build things and loves to create so this field or maybe architecture would be good for him. I am looking into CAD classes that I can get him into.  Both boys are looking forward to summer and the possibilities that it brings.  I am looking forward to spending my summer checking out Idaho and the surrounding areas. Many field trips are in our future I think.

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