Monday, July 18, 2011

Movie Magic

The Taylor house has been hopping lately. Lots of things done, still more to do. Most recently, we installed an outdoor home theater. No More Drive-in! I posited this idea to James 2 months ago and he just ran with it. We put up the screen today and are working on the sound tomorrow. It should be ready for this week's Algebra class and the play time after it. We'll hook up the Wii and play some Just Dance 2 or maybe some sports resort.
Liam helping finish the first coat of paint

Dallas taking a break after hanging shades.

Clear picture on a 14 foot screen

Dallas who is 6'1 on the right of the screen

We have been to the Parma Drive-in three times this month, and thought how fun it would be to do this at home. We took some friends with us once and had a better time.
The kids at the drive-in
I got a new camera, so of course I gotta play with it.  
Had Gpa's 87th birthday party this month, his sister came from Medford, Or, for a few weeks to help celebrate. I was wonderful to see her and to help him usher in another year. 
Grandpa with his cousin's grand-daughter.

We went to the God and Country Family Festival and had a really good time. 

Mostly we have just been trying to get together as often as possible with friend and to enjoy the heck out of our summer.

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