Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Background Information

For those of you just now starting to follow this blog, I thought I would give you a little insight to the history of my family.
I met and married my soul mate 14 years ago. My husband James, loves to say that he fell in love with me at first sight. I have a hard time believing that since I was 6 months pregnant with Dallas at the time.  I was at a time in my life when I "Hated" (yes with a capital H) men.  I was visiting with a friend one day and James was there visiting my friend's dad.  He claims that he took one look at me (all tired and pregnant), and asks his friend if I was single. James, after finding out I was single then looks at his friend and says," that's the girl I am going to marry".
Fast forward 8 months, my friend wants to set me up on a blind date. I agree to the date on the condition that it not just be the two of us, she has to go with me and he has to have someone go with him. We decide to meet at the concert venue. My date "B" brought his roommate James to the concert with him.  It was quickly determined that "B" and I had nothing in common and James and I hit it off. A week after the concert, James walked into my workplace and asked me out on our first official date.  We married a year later.
I can't believe how incredibly lucky I was that night. Of course if you asked James, he would tell you it couldn't have happened any other way. After all, I was the girl he was going to marry.
 I never wanted the big wedding with the big gown so,we decided to "Elope". We informed our parents that a month after our engagement we would be flying to Las Vegas to get married and we would love it if they were able to come. We married in Las Vegas with his parents, my parents, my son and one of his sisters in attendance the last week of February in 1996. It snowed that day. I find that humorous because I had once stated that, "It would have to snow in hell before I get married."  See how things work out.
When our oldest boy, Dallas was 7 he was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder Type 2.  At the same time, I was diagnosed as Bi-Polar NOS(this explains a lot about my past, but that is a story for a for another time). We both went to counseling, were prescribed meds by our doctor. The meds failed to work for Dallas and ran the risk of kidney and liver damage if we continued, and the meds I was given worked almost too well.  They leveled out my mania and depression, but took away all feeling. It is a terrible thing not to feel love, sadness or pride in your kids.
Things came to a head  when Dallas was in 2nd grade. After several conferences with the school and our health team, we decided to take the kids out of the school system, and home school.  This way we could better monitor him, but he would be in a structured environment that allowed for the breaks he needed during a manic episode.  Liam, our youngest finished kindergarten and hasn't been to public school since.
Home Schooling is not just a choice it is a lifestyle. I wasn't sure I would be able to do it and sometimes still feel that way. We have been home schooling our kids now for 8 years and I wouldn't have changed a thing. They have great friends with the Co-Op that we joined, they are active in sports and are doing great academically. As this school year begins, Liam is in 8th grade and Dallas is in 10th.
So, now that you have gotten some background on my life, I hope you stick around to glimpse the future.  It is bound to be bright.

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