Friday, August 13, 2010

Where to start....

I went to bed last night wearing Flannel.  It is August and I am in Flannel.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? It is supposed to be 100 degrees outside.  So I snuggled down to try to sleep and due to the cold,  I got almost none until early morning. Only then, when I was finally warm did I sleep and I slept like the dead till Noon. Yes, I said Noon. What can I say... I have no words.
So, I get up, the boys are done with school for the day and are making their lunch. I must still be asleep. I pinch myself. Sure enough, I am awake. I must have done something right with these boys either that or they want something. I repeat. They did their school without me nagging them and they made their own lunch, and it was a lunch that I approved of.
Dallas gives me my phone messages then goes to get the mail.  Now I remember....Today is the first "Game" of the year in his Flag Football league.  It is really only a scrimmage match with a rival team from Meridian, but it is the first time they get to play someone other than each other this year. Fast forward to 6:30pm and we are on the field and the kids are getting warmed up.
Dallas Warming up his arm.

After 20 minutes of warming up and doing laps. The teams meet center field for a prayer.

Both teams heads bent in prayer.
The game goes fairly smoothly, no injuries and we scored the most. We weren't supposed to be keeping score, it was only a scrimmage. Ya right. We won 26-13. As the only homeschooling group in our league, or in the valley for that matter we did ourselves proud.  The other moms and I had a good hen session between plays. James got to watch a game of ball and Liam got to play with his best friend for 2 hours. All in all it was a very good day, considering I didn't know where to start.

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