Monday, August 16, 2010

 I called Gpa today to see how things are going in his neck of the woods and if there was anything that he needed while I was in Ontario later today. I got the usual request for med. refills and I think I need to take the boys over to weed whack thanks to a subtle hint on Gpa's part. As most of you are aware, my Gpa is now 86 years young,  and I am his primary care giver. Now, if you have ever met my Gpa, you would know that he doesn't need or want a care giver. He is appreciative of the help I do lend and then there is a polite thanks, have a nice day. He is/was a rancher, factory worker, farmer, foster parent to over 100 kids, fisherman and all around great guy. You practically have to hog tie him to get him to sit still for two minutes, unless you can coerce him into telling you one of his many stories about growing up in Wallowa and La Grande. So, I called his physician to see if we could get refills and I found out that I had forgotten about a doctor's appoint for him. Well, I always knew that my memory is not great. But I don't think I have ever missed a Dr. appointment for Gpa. EVER... SO, we rescheduled.  I wrote it down in my appointment book and put a reminder of it on my phone.
So, what was I doing while I was blowing off forgetting about Gpa's appointment?
I got up this morning and did remember that Dallas is now mowing lawns on Monday. We loaded up the mower, weed whacker and everything else we needed and went to work.
This is what he did.
I was his smiling chauffeur.

Then we had to go here:

After the the dump, we mowed one more yard and then dropped the mower off at my Mom's so that my youngest could mow her yard later today.
While Dallas and I were busy driving all around the county, Liam was at home doing his homework and taking his first Algebra test (He got a "B" on it).  Our school day was finished by 1pm and now I just have to get ready for a parents meeting tonight about Football. Oh, I almost forget. I still have to finish cataloging the books I am going to be selling on e-bay and getting them boxed so I can finally get them out of my living room. Wish me luck.

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