Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the move again...

A lot has happened this month and I see no signs of it slowing down lately. We started our local homeschooling co-op at the beginning of September. I am teaching 2nd- 5th graders about inventors and their inventions so far we have covered Galileo, Newton, Gutenberg, Braille, Franklin and Da Vinci. We have done experiments dealing with Gravity and friction, gone on a field trip to a printing press, made our names in braille using peas, powered an LED light using lemons and made a liquid rainbow in a bowl and painted a color wheel. Each week, I try to cover one or two inventors and do a craft or an experiment. So far the kids are liking the class and we are doing great. Next week we will be covering Thomas Edison and we will be making an electromagnet in class and I have built an old fashioned animation reel. I am still getting my class together. I just don't seem to have much time lately. The boys have been very busy with school. Dallas is studying Macbeth and is busy memorizing lines. Liam is loving Nature Journaling class and is drawing up a storm. James is having fun teaching Geometry to the high school kids at co-op.

The Linotype machine at Payette Printers

Rainbows in a bowl
James graduated with an Associates degree in Computer Forensics on September 16th. I am so proud of him. His Mom, sister Margaret, nephew Brodie and Brodie's girlfriend came out for three days to see him.
James and his mom

Football is in full swing so we are driving all over the valley for games.
This week we will be traveling to Emmett and Meridian for games and I am hoping to go on a field trip this next week with the boys. I need to get out of town for a day. Maybe we will go for a drive or something.

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